Saturday, 31 May 2014

The contest winner

I recently discovered the concept of Beauty Boxes, and luckily there were a few in Singapore. Three that I know of, and being the beauty products hoarder that I am, my heart started racing! 

I decided to try all three of them, and I have a clear winner. 

Here's the three boxes, in no particular order.

Vanity Trove was the first to arrive. I had preselected my samples, so it wasn't as much a surprise, but nonetheless exciting!! The box looked very posh and the samples were quite literally sample sized. Since everything in the box was chosen by me, I know I would use them all. The brands are average, and the variety is also just okay. 

Then came the Bellabox, in a cuter but smaller box. I was a bit irritated that I couldn't order just a single box, but had to take a subscription of minimum three months. I really just wanted to try it, but I signed up for it anyway. I was not so impressed by their April box, it was quite ordinary, however the May box was way better with some products that I could use, and it also had a few products which were almost regular sized. I loved the Style Aromatherapy Anti Dandruff Hair Moisturizer and the Nip +Fab Stilleto Fix. Both were very generously sized, and it somehow made the whole box very much worth it.

After a bit of waiting, StyleXStyle finally launched the The Little Black Beauty Box, and I immediately got my hands on the June box! I was in for a pleasant surprise. In association with Tangs, the box packed in a bunch of high profile brands, and I fell in love with it!

Laneige, belif, Sulwhasoo, Clarins, Shisheido, Michael Korrs, Aveda, Origin, Benefit plus others, all in one black box! This box was my favorite among the three, and I have already ordered the July box. I am yet to try the new products, but boy I can't wait!

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

I, Me and Myself

Many hours I have spent wondering - what and how much of myself should I reveal to the world. For three decades I have hid myself from all except a handful. Its an arduous habit to overcome, but I shall try. So here goes, a little bit more about myself..

Life motto: A little bit of everything, life's too short not to try new things :)

Best moments: Traveling with my loved one!

Craziest moment: Diving from a plane at 13000 ft above ground!

Cant keep away from: shopping!

Favourite way to spend money: buying new clothes and cosmetics. Sometimes I also buy books.

Best purchase: Kindle e-reader, a game-changer 

Most expensive purchase: My rose gold Omega watch

Favourite reading: I was all into fiction until I met my husband, and a whole new world of non-fiction books with him! That said, I also read lifestyle blogs.

New hobbies: Golf, painting

Dream: To work for love and not the money.